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Tons of Experience

We’ve shredded enough documents to provide confetti for a really big parade, and some to spare.

Get the highest standards in document shredding for your business or personal papers.

We Know Shredding

You’re great at what you do. Keep doing it.


Powerful commercial shredding equipment turns waste and secrets into harmless miniscule paper bits.

Big volume capacity and dedicated equipment make professional shredding the cost effective solution for document destruction.


Who hauls the boxes and shredded documents? When you call On Guard Shredding, we do all the heavy lifting.

We take it all away and you gain the document storage space. Stay right there, and leave the driving to us.


Rest securely with the knowledge that your shredded documents are getting proper handling and disposal.

No need to worry about dumpster diving when leaving a mountain of recycling waste. We give your old paper a new home and future.


The digital revolution somehow left us with a lot more paper than we envisioned. All of this paper needs to go somewhere.

Schedule regular document shredding to keep storage available and steer clear of regulatory or safety issues.

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Reliable cost effective document shredding and disposal.

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