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Frequently Asked

What happens to my shredded documents?

Our equipment and machinery bale the paper into large bundles of one ton, which then get sent to paper mills for recycling.

This process ensures that your documents or gone forever. It also has a positive effect on the environment and helps the worldwide conservation effort.

Is shredding done to industry standards?

intl_logo_smlOn Guard Shredding is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), a non-profit organization that ensures responsible document destruction of your confidential information. The association establishes standards for responsible handling, destruction, and disposal.

Choosing a document destruction contractor who adheres to the high standards set by NAID is your assurance that information destruction will be carried out according to today’s best practices.

Is professional shredding expensive?

Accurately comparing the cost of hiring professionals or doing it yourself often shows cost savings for outsourcing.

After considering the cost of equipment, storage, and staff – the savings can be large. Include the value of activities staff can’t do while shredding paper, and the value of using a service becomes clearer.

What about licensing and insurance?

Although there is no law requiring document destruction contractors to be licensed or insured, a reputable company makes certain to be both.

On Guard Shredding is licensed and insured as part of our high customer service and compliance standards.

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